Guide to Shanghai’s Best KTVs Guide to Shanghai’s Best KTVs
How to Survive the Choking Smog in Shanghai. How to Survive the Choking Smog in Shanghai.

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ZiN wine bar + grill, Shanghai – A wine bar and grill serving delicious, wine country cuisine.

Zin is located in a charming and historic 1920s Shikumen building that sits on the edge of Yangzhong Park This landmark building was once the offices of Chino Youth, the Chinese Communist Party’s first magazine, which published the early works of a young Mao Zedong along with the first Marxist-Leninist […]


Luwan – A Guide to Living in Luwan

The Luwan District is located at the central part of the metropolitan Shanghai. It has an area of 8.03sq km and population of 357,000. Lying by Huangpu River on its south, this district faces people’s square, where the Shanghai Municipal Government is located, across the street. The Luwan District has […]


Areas in Shanghai Popular with Expats Living in Shanghai

Recommended Areas for Downtown Living in Shanghai French Concession The French Concession was founded in 1862 in southwest Shanghai as a result of the Treaty of Nanking. It now covers parts of the Luwan, Jingan and Xuhui districts (see location of the French Concession). Today, the area’s central Huaihai Rd […]


Shanghai Expat Housing and Relocation Overview

Shanghai is a fastest growing city in china. Thousands of people are moving towards shanghai in order to have a job of their dreams and the most popular housing developments are now running at 95–100% occupancy. Big houses in the main stream places are affected by this and the same […]


Shanghai careers and negotiating compensation packages

Hey high-powered Chinese and expat managers! Here’s a crazy idea that just might work. Stop looking for a better job. Think about staying put for a while. If you’ve got two jobs of less than 2 years in the last 6 years on your CV, then you have a potential […]